The Audience

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The word “casa” means a home or a house in Spanish and Portuguese. We are a home for Latin American culture in the UK, a festival where everybody is welcome and the doors are always open.

But to build this house and make it bigger and bigger every year, we need your support. We have already built the foundations, but we still need many other elements to keep on building and growing and raising our festival as high as possible this year.

If you want to make a small donation, whatever it is, please do not hesitate to send it clicking on the Justgiving button below.

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If you prefer to give us support on a regular basis, join our CASA Builders scheme an support us on a regular basis throughout the year.

Join our CASA Builders scheme at any of the following levels:

  • BRICKS £24

For just £2 a month, you will be contributing to maintain a festival that has been running in London for 8 years, from humble origins in a crypt in Holborn to feature in venues such as Rich Mix and The Barbican Centre. Your donation helps us bring the best Latin American theatre to London and, in return, we will give you advance notice of events, regular email newsletters and updates and Early Bird tickets to any of our events.

  • WINDOWS £60

£5 a month will give you the chance to open up the window and, if you like what you see -and we are pretty confident you will!-, join us and enjoy our 10 days of celebration in October. At this level you will be closer to the CASA team and, besides all benefits listed above in the Brick category, you will also get 2 tickets for any show in the festival plus one brochure delivered to your address.

  • DOORS £120

This level of support which means just £10 a month will enable us to to open new doors and explore what is happening behind. Doors to new countries to bring the best shows; doors to the Latin American community to engage more an better with them. Benefits will be all listed above plus VIP Dinner invitation for two people and 2 copies of brochure posted to your address.

  • ROOF £500+

We want to reach as much as possible and it depends on you how high we set the roof of our house. With a donation of £500+ you will get all benefits listed above plus a pass to all our shows at CASA. Your contribution will be also credited on our website and you will have the chance to have a dinner with one of our international companies.

Any other donation will be more that welcome. Please give as much or as little as you can and help us furnish and decorate our home to make it nice and warm.

This campaign is for people who can only afford to give smaller amounts – if you feel you would like to give more and would like information about our partnership and sponsorship opportunities then please email Lora Krasteva at

Do spread the word and help us show how strong the Latin American voice is in the UK and how important, exciting and diverse the communities and the culture are.