Sponsor Us

Working with you to promote Latin American culture in the UK.

We believe that building partnerships with corporate sponsors is key to the success of CASA and the long-term development of our festival. We have defined three avenues for corporate sponsorship. The first relates to the festival as a whole, the second to specific programmes and the third one is defined by more country specific sponsorship. For example, you may wish to partner us in our marketing activities for CASA as a whole or you may wish to sponsor one of the visiting companies.

Here you can find our proposal for 2015, but the cost of each sponsorship package is negotiable and we will work with you to create a package of benefits, including excellent brand presence, that works for you in return.

If you would like to know more, please write to Lora at lora@casafestival.org.uk

With Arts Council England lottery funding in place and a huge amount of in-kind support already in place, we are in a strong position to offer you great value and an opportunity to build a relationship with us for the future.