Madeleine Botet De – Lacaze

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

“What has been your approach on the material so far and how have you been developing your piece until now? What resources or techniques do you use? Basically, how do you define your work and how do you do it?”


I have been developing and advancing quite a lot during these past days. Mainly shot the video of what I’m going to project as I have all the equipment and I did it at a space I often use in Hackney Wick. I’m really happy with the result and I’ll work the postproduction of the video in these coming days. I will also design the sound, as my goal is to have all this (image and sound) done at the end of this week so that next week I can rehearse and find the props I’ll use.

I have to say that I’m concerned about the use of the space; this will be the first time I’ll do one of my performances in a theatre. I have always worked in self-designed spaces where I create a very strong sensorial environment. So this is indeed a challenge. How can I make this idea work in a space like a theatre? This is on what I will definitely work on this next week when rehearsing.

What I’m questioning myself now is: should I include text in the work? Where should I place myself on stage? How close to the audience will be the best for the strength and intention of this idea? Proximity is always something I have in mind when I perform. I like to be close to people, to be able to look at them, to connect, and proximity gives a much stronger level of engagement.

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