Madeleine Botet De – Lacaze

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


This piece is about the tensions within our mind and body, our inside and our outside, our feelings and what we actually express. I’m a very emotional person, maybe because I’m South American. However, I look very European. I was born in a country with 200 years of history but that land has been there for millions of years before. My grandfather is French, my grandmother is Italian, and my father is the first generation of an Argentinean family. What does this actually makes my-self?

I believe the body is the most nostalgic element, the most vivid, vital, dynamic, powerful and beautiful, one where the past, present and future coexist, where life and death make synthesis, where I can find my fears and hopes, my memories and most important my strength, drive and spirit.

DWELL IN came form a deep need to get hold of my identity, a contradiction that I couldn’t understand at the beginning, that made me feel lost, as I often asked myself: Where do I belong? Which are my roots? The idea of belonging ended up being an illusion for me; it became an open door to discover myself, to discover my own strength and my own sense of belonging within me.

No one else can tell me who I am except myself, as I dwell in my own flesh.

This is why I chose to work with flesh. This material will appear in two forms, a real one and a virtual one. There will be a dialogue between my body and the image of my body, between my own sound and the sound of the image, plus the real piece of flesh and the image of it.

I believe materials are a bridge to communicate, to connect and engage with the audience. I often use natural elements like soil, water, grass, flesh… materials that we all have experienced, some which we all resonate with, allowing transformation to happen.

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