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Do you want to be involved with one of London’s most exciting Latin American cultural events?

Do you share our desire to build a bridge between the UK and Latin America?

Do you want to reach the Latin American Community in the UK?

If the answers to these questions are YES then you could, would and should be interested in sponsoring CASA 2012.

The Three Levels of Sponsorship Available


Sponsorship Range: £7,500 (two sponsors) or £15,000 (for exclusivity)

Opportunities: maximum of two headline sponsors

An opportunity to champion CASA 2012 and support the festival as a whole. Our headline sponsorship package is naturally the most comprehensive package of rewards we can offer and is designed to give you excellent value for money.


Sponsorship Range: £1,000 to £3,000 (for exclusivity)

Opportunities: Up to three sponsors per individual show

Choose a show or a country you want to support and become its patron. You’ll receive a whole range of benefits in relation to the show you’ve supported as well as a strong brand presence throughout the festival as a whole.


Sponsorship Range £300 – £1000 (depends on the event)

Opportunities available: One sponsor per event

Throughout CASA, we run many smaller events. If you would like to support one of those smaller events, please get in touch. You’ll enjoy many perks including brand presence and thanks when you’re . Best of all, you know that you made it happen.

Our sponsorship packages can be catered to your needs but  might include the following:

  • Strong brand visibility as supporters of brilliant Latin American culture in London.
  • Up to a whole page ad in Time Out London designed specifically to highlight your sponsorship of CASA 2011 – Readership 400,000+
  • Up to a whole page ad in three leading Latin American publications – Jungle Drums (Brazil), Express News (Latin America), El Iberico Gratuito (Hispanic community) – Combined Readership 200,000+
  • Up to a whole back page ad in our CASA 2011 Festival Brochure. Print run of 10,000 sent to 7,500 postal addresses as well as to cultural centres, embassies etc.
  • Brand presence on all printed and online materials (500 posters, including posters in the London Tube, 15,000 flyers distributed across London, CASA 2012 t-shirts, website.
  • Recognition for your support at CASA 2012. Where and if desired, we can also provide you with an opportunity to speak at CASA 2012 events.
  • An exclusive theatre workshop for up to 12 participants with Artistic Director Daniel Goldman or one of the visiting artists.
  • Recognised patronage of CASA 2012’s Opening (Performance and Gala Dinner) on the 7th September 2012 (including exclusive invites)
  • An additional number of complimentary tickets to be used at any performance over the CASA 2011

And much more.

If you are interested at any of these levels, please get in touch with artistic director Daniel Goldman at director@casafestival.org.uk