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Workshops & Masterclasses

With such a wealth of Latin American theatre talent participating at CASA 2011, we want to give you a chance to get involved. Throughout the week, we are a running a series of workshops and masterclasses given by the visiting artists as well as the chance to meet the companies informally over a delicious lunch in the Oval House Cafe every day.


To enroll in any of these workshops, please send an email and cv to casafestival2011@gmail.com by Wednesday 12th October

Puppetry Masterclass Viaje Inmovil (Chile)

Tuesday 18 October 2.15pm – 5.15pm

Jaime Lorca is director of Viaje Inmovil and one of Latin America’s leading puppeteers. In this three hour masterclass, Jaime will share some of the techniques he has developed over a lifetime to make his puppets and indeed any object come alive. This is a unique opportunity to work with a master of the craft.

Workshop Fee: £15 Maximum No of Participants: 12
For professional actors and actors in training. Some puppetry experience recommended.

Mask Workshop Teatro La Polea (Costa Rica)

Friday 21 October 2.15pm – 5.15pm

Cardboard will be given the ultimate make over in this mask workshop from Costa Rica’s Carlos Herrera Vargas. Over the course of an afternoon, as you magically transform a sheet of cardboard into a mask full of character, Carlos will take you through the rules of mask making with useful tips, insights into how our faces tell stories and his own tricks of the trade.

Workshop Fee £15 Maximum No of Participants: 20
For all ages and all experiences.

The Actor’s Voice Teatro em Tramite (Brazil)

Wednesday 19 October 10am – 5.15pm

Over the course of a day (2 x 3 hour sessions), André Fransisco will share some of the techniques that Teatro em Tramite bring to their vocal work. With voice being at the heart of the actor’s craft, this workshop will seek to improve the range and power of the participants’ voices through a mix of exercises, ressonance techniques and improvisation exercises leading to the creation of character through voice alone.

Workshop Fee £30 Maximum No of Participants: 12
For all professional actors and actors in training.

Playwriting Masterclass:  Gustavo Ott (Venezuela)

Thursday 20 October 2.15am – 5.15pm

An exclusive opportunity to learn what it takes to write political theatre with one of Latin America’s most profilic and successful writers. Over the course of the afternoon, Gustavo will share his writing techniques and lead an investigation into how to tackle contemporary political and social issues through dramatic writing.

Workshop Fee: £15 Maximum No of Participants: 12
Open to all.

Slapstick Soundtracks Vuelve en Julio (Argentina)

Sunday 23 October at 12pm

Immediately after their morning show, the creators of Codigo Pirata will be giving you a chance to have a go at telling your very own Pirate story using the same techniques you’ve just seen in their show. In just one hour, you’ll make your very own new piece of theatre and perform it in the main theatre at Oval House!

Workshop Fee: £ Donations  Maximum No of Participants: 21
Please note that this workshop is for children aged 6 to 11.