Theatre Workshops

Theatre Workshops

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Each year CASA invites some of our visiting international companies to give half-day professional theatre workshops. Conceived as an opportunity for our visiting Latin American artists to share skills, techniques and inspirations with UK theatre makers, the workshops are always eye-opening and a brilliant chance to connect across theatre cultures by doing, not talking.

Open to professional and nonprofessional actors and performers. Workshops are in Spanish and simultaneously interpreted in English. Limited capacity. Early booking advised.

El Cuerpo del Comediante (The Actor’s Body)

A workshop by Argentine mimes, clowns and physical storytelling virtuosos Jorge Costa & Julia Muzio.

Troubadour Workshop

Join Chilean company Tryo Teatro Banda in this exploration of the historical figure of the troubadour as master story-teller and musician.

Oral History and Theatre Workshop

Our UK Activities Director Gaël Le Cornec will hold a workshop on how to write/create a play by using oral history material. In this workshop you’ll learn the basics on how to hold an oral history interview, how to select dramaturgical material from it and start shaping a play.

Show times:

  • Wednesday 15th October 10:00 am (The actor's body)
  • Thursday 16th October 10:00 am (Troubadour)
  • Friday 17th October 10:00 am (Oral History)

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: Spanish, simultaneously interpreted in English
Duration: 180 min