Neverwhere Beckett

Ondenunca Beckett

©Café Cachorro

by Cafe Cachorro (Brazil)

Inspired by Beckett’s absurdist short plays, three lunatic Brazilian performers joyfully transmogrify our world and playfully question our very existence in this electrifying original work.

It’s a mysterious universe of sliding shapes, disappearing objects and bizarre bodies. You’ve not seen anything like this before. And you probably never will again. It’s bizarre. It’s brilliant. It’s barmy. And it’s beautiful.

A marvelous show by Cafe Cachorro, an award-winning young company from Rio de Janeiro making their UK debut.

Supported by Nabas Legal

Show times:

Thursday 8th October 7.30pm & 9.30pm
Friday 9th October 7.30pm

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: N/A
Duration: 50 minutes