Open CASA Community Group

For the last 2 years, the Open CASA Community Group has prepared a wonderful play to be part of the main festival. Last year’s sell-out success was called A hundred years before and after Eva. As to this year’s, well, you will have to wait and see! But we will be updating the information about it here.

If you would like to be part of this year’s group, please drop a line to Suzie and/or Gaël before the 29th of August.

If you’re unsure about it, here’s what some of our participants have to say:

‘Once I heard that the poet Alenxander Pope wrote about a theatre play: “It is to wake the soul by tender strokes of art,
To raise the genius, and to mend the heart”… It’s the most beautiful description I’ve ever heard about what CASA proposes us to do every year.

Each one of the people who take part of the Open CASA Community Group every year, might be looking for different things: maybe some feel the impulse of meeting new people, others are hungry for knowledge, some need to overcome shyness, or maybe some wish to fulfill that childhood dream of going on stage and be applauded for a purely artistic effort.

Maybe, far away from our homeland, may it be Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico or Peru, and after overcoming another long winter, we need to see the eyes of our siblings, filling us up with warmth. Or maybe we just want to have fun and leave behind problems and pressures… why not? it is valid and needed… smile being someone else, someone different from ourselves, for a short period of time… the number of reasons might not be endless, but for sure they are a wide range.

This is the third year I take part of CASA. What makes me come back? Something that seems to unify us all, no matter our reasons to be here. A single word: COMMUNION.’


Or check this video from our summer workshops with IRMO.