WORK IN REGRESS – The poetry of the body-object in space

©Café Cachorro

Café Cachorro, who presents Neverwhere Beckett will offer a fantastic physical theatre workshop based on their piece.

It will start with a short presentation and a contextualisation of Café Cachorro’s work, followed by an excercise in which the participants will venture the stage set of Neverwhere Beckett to develop their own relationship with it. They are to create their own artistic pieces (short scenes) and will be asked to use the scenery and props while collaborating with one another following certain rules. The participants will experiment their own methods alongside the company’s ones, aiming to share a space-time of rigorously ordered freedom!

Number of participants: 15
Listeners: 10

Limited availability, free donations accepted!

Show times:

Saturday 10th October, 3.00pm

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: In English & Portuguese with simultaneous translation
Duration: 3 hours