Diego y Ulises (Argentina)

12th, 13th, 14th September at 8pm

Language No Problem

Inspired by the world of cult filmmaker Gus Van Sant, this Argentine love story fuses theatre and dance to thrilling effect.

Two young men wait for the day to go by. They laugh. They fight. They drink Coca Cola. Imperceptibly, everyday actions take on a profound poignancy. Wordless, completely modern and athletically danced, this is beautifully crafted theatre dance.

We are also delighted to announce that the company will be working with UK-based actors and dancers to create a brand new prologue to Diego y Ulises. This is the first collaborative creation by CASA and a visiting company. Choreographed by Marcelo Díaz Performed by Diego Stocco and Ulises Fernández

Duration: 43 mins (+ 10 minute prologue)

About Diego Y Ulises
Diego y Ulises is a theatre dance company based in Rosario and founded by Diego Stocco, Ulises Fernández and Marcelo Díaz. This debut eponymous piece was awarded a grant from the Culture Municipality in Rosario and the National Theatre Institute. They have just completed a residency in Spain and Portugal where they spent time researching.

Pre-Show Talk: Wednesday 12th September at 6.30pm  
Dr. Cecilia Sosa and a Latin American LGTB activist (tbc.) will be discussing machoism and homosexuality in the context of Latin American politics past, present and future.