Tryo Teatro Banda (Chile): Pedro de Valdivia, La Gesta Inconclusa


Performed in Spanish with English surtitles

Possibly the most fun history lesson ever, this show for all ages won Chile’s National Theatre Critic’s Award for Best New Play in 2010.

Duration: 75 minutes

About Tryo Teatro Banda
Tryo Teatro Banda was founded in 2000 with the aim of presenting works by Chilean authors and themes to a diverse audience combining theatre performances with live music. In recent years they have shifted towards creating original productions for all ages with a focus on presenting key dramatic episodes from Chile’s history. Based in Santiago, Chile, they have toured across Latin America as well as in Spain and the US.

Pre-Show Talk: Sunday 16th September at 1pm
Join us for an open discussion led by Artistic Director Daniel Goldman looking into the legacy of the Conquest of Latin America in Latin America and Europe today.