La Llorona (UK&Mexico): Private Thoughts in Public Spaces

Physical, sexy and lots of fun, the show explores the ideas that we’re told to keep locked in. This is story telling without words; rather, everyday movements are choreographed to create a seamless continuing chain of events fuelled by the power of music. Wherever we are, our imaginations run wild and our fantasies wilder… What would happen if they actually came true?

Duration: 60 minutes

About La Llorona
La Llorona was formed in 2011 by UK-based Mexican director Isabel Quinzaños, Colombian movement director Andrea Pelaez and Brazilian producer Larissa Biasoli. As winners of last year’s CASA Scratch Night, they have received support and funding towards developing Private Thoughts in Public Spaces.

Pre-Show Talk: Saturday 15th September at 6.15pm
How do you make it as a non-British theatre practitioner in the UK? And what does “making it” mean? Join us for a round robin discussion where we’ll aim to highlight what opportunities are available, how to access them and what new ways of working might help us all move ahead.