Barrio Caleidoscopio / Borough Kaleidoscope

Barrio Caleidoscopio - ©Carlos Gallegos

©Carlos Gallegos

By Carlos “Cacho” Gallegos (Ecuador)

Alfonsito wakes up with an urge to get some bread from the shop. But he’s scared. He’s scared of lots of things. Of going outside. Of the city. Of leaving his home. But the longer he waits, the hungrier he gets and before long, he’s edging towards the door.

In a virtuoso display of physical storytelling, all the more impressive because he never leaves his chair, Cacho Gallegos brings to life a strange, darkly funny urban world where nothing is as it first seems, including Alfonsito himself.

About Carlos “Cacho” Gallegos

Ecuadorian director, actor and writer Carlos “Cacho” Gallegos is the artistic director of Teatro de la Vuelta, founded in 2002. A graduate of Ecole Jacques Lecoq in Paris, and a disciple of Teatro Malayerba (Ecuador) and Le Samovar (France), he has written and performed, directed and taught across the globe for the past ten years, putting clown and physical theatre at the heart of his work.

Winner of Best Actor, International Festival of Experimental Theatre, Quito, Ecuador (2009); Best Play, Premio Francisco Tobar, Quito, Ecuador (2010).

Carlos “Cacho” Gallegos also performs Plush.

Show times:

  • Friday 17th October 7:30 pm +Q&A
  • Saturday 18th October 2:30 pm
  • Saturday 18th October 7:30 pm

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: Spanish with English surtitles
Duration: 60 min