Parlamento! / Parliament!


©Tryo Teatro Banda

By Tryo Teatro Banda (Chile)

Written by Francisco Sánchez

To try to find a solution to the endless Arauco Wars during the Conquest of Chile in the 17th Century, the Spanish forces facilitated the creation of a number of Mapuche parliaments to allow for a diplomatic resolution. This is the story of the most famous of those parliaments.

Tryo Teatro Banda are back with a brand new show that combines their fascination with Chile’s indigenous history, expertly handled comic stagecraft and their wonderful musicianship. Written and performed by Francisco Sanchez Brkic, it is a real treat for us to present this exclusive world premiere at CASA 2014.

About Tryo Teatro Banda

Having performed over 1500 times to over 300,000 audience members across Chile, Latin America, the USA and Europe, Tryo Teatro Banda are one of Chile’s leading theatre companies. Founded in 2000 as an itinerant theatre company, Tryo specialize in the retelling of key moments in Chile’s history with a special focus on exploring the often ignored indigenous narratives. Key to all their stage work is the use of original texts and live music, object manipulation and puppetry and a commitment to exploring the idea of the travelling minstrel as storyteller.

Tryo Teatro Banda also performs La Araucana.

Show times:

  • Wednesday 15th October 9:30 pm
  • Thursday 16th October 9:30 pm +Q&A

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: Spanish with English Surtitles
Duration: 60 min