CASA Reading August 2012

CASA Rehearsed Reading

Forgive Me for You Betraying Me


Nelson Rodrigues

directed by Mark James Maughan

Prof. Catherine Boyle will lead a post-reading discussion of the work with Dr. Adriano Rabelo and Mark James Maughan

Wednesday 29th August

Anatomy Theatre and Museum at Kings College, Strand

Doors open at 7pm

Tickets are free but you need to pre-order from:

CASA Latin American Theatre Festival presents the 4th in our monthly series of rehearsed readings of classic latin American plays in English.

This month we feature our Brazilian piece with “Forgive Me for You Betraying Me” by the enormously respected journalist and playwright Nelson Rodrigues.

Directed by Mark James Maughan

Cast: Hester Arden, Annabel Betts, Rob Carter, Robert Gillespie, Viviana Lombardi, Antonio Magro, Ben Starr, Bea Walker

The reading will be followed by a short discussion on the work led by Professor Catherine Boyle of Kings College.

About the play:

Glorinha, a middle-class 15 year old girl, always thought her mother had killed herself, driving her father insane as result. After her friend presents her with the opportunity to work in a high-class brothel, Glorinha finds herself embroiled in a seedy world of seedy congressmen and sleazy pimps. When her uncle and guardian discovers what she’s been up to, he decides to finally tell her the truth about her parents.

As ever, Nelson Rodrigues treats us to another slice of sexual and familial dysfunction straight from the heart of Brazil.

About Nelson Rodgrigues:

Nelson Falcão Rodrigues (born in Recife Northeast of Brazil August 23, 1912  December 21, 1980) was a Brazilian playwright, journalist and novelist. In 1943, he helped usher in a new era in Brazilian theater with his play Vestido de Noiva (The Wedding Dress), considered revolutionary for the complex exploration of its characters’ psychology and its use of colloquial dialog. He went on to write many other seminal plays and today is widely regarded as Brazil’s greatest playwright.

About Mark James Maughan:

Mark Maughan is currently working as Paines Plough’s trainee director. He has worked as Assistant Director at Live Theatre, Newcastle, including on their 2011 national tour of Pitmen Painters which brought him to London. In London, he has worked as a director for RADA New Writing workshops, as a curator and director for CASA, as well as collaborating on several devised projects.

He has also spent a year living and working in Colombia, South America, as an actor and collaborator for the acclaimed devising company Teatro La Candelaria. Other international work includes directing a touring Shakespeare along the coast of North America, and as a participant of the touring company Backpact, visiting schools in both India and Nepal.

The reading will be followed by a short discussion on the work led by Professor Catherine Boyle of Kings College.