Rehearsed Reading July 2013

Rehearsed Reading

“Mother By Trade”


Griselda Gambaro

Translation and directed by Gwen MacKeith

Director Juanita Mora

Cast Viviana Lombardi, Silvana Montoya and Sally Mortemore

The reading will be followed by a discussion with translator Gwen MacKeith and Roberto Cavazos, UK Activities Director of CASA Festival

Tuesday 30th July

Bolivar Hall

Doors open at 7pm

Tickets are free but you need to pre-order from:

Come and enjoy some great Latin American theatre with a free complementary beer to celebrate CASA 2013.

UK Activities co-director Roberto Cavazos speaks to Ventana Latina. Video by Álvaro Moliner.

About “Mother By Trade”:

A drama about abandonment and the self-imposed impossibility of love, both for others and for oneself. “Mother By Trade” tells the story of a cold and absent mother who has lost her capacity and will to give; a daughter who carries a profound pain in her soul that has been gestating for over twenty years. A reacquaintance, thousands of expectations and questions. A desperate battle to comprehend and obscure a disconcerting past.

About the author:

Griselda Gambaro is an Argentine writer whose work often concerns the political violence in her home country that eventually developed into the Dirty War. A recurring theme is that of the “desaparecidos”, specifically the many attempts to recover their bodies and commemorate them. Her novel, “Ganarse la muerte”, was banned by the government because of its strong (and blatant) political message. Gambaro is Argentina’s most celebrated playwright and was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship in 1982, as well as many other prizes.

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