Rehearsed Reading May 2013

Rehearsed Reading

“Select Man, Marinate Until Tender”

Ana Istarú © Julia Ardón


Ana Istarú

A translation by AM Glanville-Hearson

Directed by Isabel Quinzaños

Performed by Pia Laborde Noguez and Jack Brown

The reading will be followed by a discussion with translator AM Glanville-Hearson and Professor Catherine Boyle of King’s College London and Out Of The Wings. 

Wednesday 29th May

Bolivar Hall

Doors open at 7pm

Tickets are free but you need to pre-order from:

On Wednesday 29th May we launched this year’s series of Rehearsed Readings with the UK Premiere of Ana Istarú’s honest and humorous coming-of-age play “Select Man, Marinate Until Tender”.

About “Select Man, Marinate Until Tender” (Hombres en escabeche):

Alicia’s voyage from innocence to maturity takes her from saints to sin, from recipes, philosophy and maternity to more recipes – finally she learns to cook and love.

Translated and adapted by AM Glanville-Hearson (with assistance from Louise Penson).

About the author

Ana Istarú is an actress, poet and playwright from Costa Rica. Her work has been produced throughout Latin America, as well as in the USA, Spain and Portugal. “Select Man, Marinate Until Tender” has been staged more than thirty times outside of her native Costa Rica, although this will be the first time any of her work has been presented in the UK.