CASArt is back!

After the success of the first CASArt commission in 2013, we’re delighted to once again invite a Latin American artist or collective to take over the Rich Mix gallery for the duration of the festival. This year’s theme is “home”. If you’ve got a break between a show or you’re here early, do pop on down to the ground floor, then down the stairs and check the winning commission out.

This year’s winners are fine artist Silvina de Vita (Argentina) and Film-maker Enrique Rovira (Spain), who will be collaborating to create a short animation film about the little special things that happen in all kinds of homes, and the emotions that stay inside the walls when people leave their houses. All made with pieces of cut handcrafted paper work!

We invite you to come down to Rich Mix gallery on Saturday 11th October when Enrique & Silvina will talk about their collaboration and the making off their animation paper cut film ‘Home’.

Don’t miss it!

We are very grateful to the Sylvia Waddilove Foundation UK for their support of our CASArt project.

The Women in My Dreams

Ecilop Art present “The women in My Dreams”, a selection of crayon works on paper by Cuban artist Lincoln Camué alongside a sneak preview of “Doors to the World”, recent paintings by Havana-based Luis Ulises. For more information, please contact Sharon Zhu.

Show times:

Friday 10th to Sunday 19th October

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: N/A
Duration: For the whole festival