Open CASA Community Day

Community Day

©Alex Brenner

To mark the final day of the festival, we celebrate the rich heritage of London’s Latin American community with a special focus this year on afro-latino culture as we join forces with Rich Mix favourites, Mwalimu Express!

Come on down for a day of free activities for all ages including dance and music workshops, live performances and talks, culminating with our Open CASA Community Theatre Show inspired by the universe and characters of Gabriel García Márquez and directed by UK/Venezuelan Natali Bass.

During this day, there will also be a special Mi.Me by Jorge Costa.


12:00pm – Mask-making Workshop
Led by Tito Vega

Come and discover simple techniques of mask decoration utilising a wealth of paints, feathers, glitter and create your very own original and festive mask!
Suitable for all ages 3+

12:00pm – Latin American Storytelling Workshop
Led by Claudia Blanco

First, discover some great Latin American stories and poetry by writers like Gabriel García Márquez, Augusto Monterroso, Horacio Quiroga and Maria Elena Walsh. Then make up your own story and book!
Suitable for 7-12 years old
In Spanish

12:30pm – La vida en Londres / Life in London (Performance)
Performed by Spanish and Latin American Poets and Writers (Slap)

11 poets and writers share poems, songs and theatre on the theme of life in London. Featuring poems from Mabel Encinas (Mexico), Isabel Ross-López & Isabel del Río (Spain), Eduardo Embry (Chile), Denisse Vargas (Bolivia), Barbara López Cardona (Colombia), Sofía Buchuck (Peru), Leonardo Boix (Argentina), Lupe Velázquez (Mexico).
Suitable for Ages 8+

1:00pm – Latin American Community Choir
Led by Rachel Hayter

Come and sing! Focusing on Latin American songs, come and discover the joys of singing in a choir with brilliant young choir master Rachel Hayter. And don’t worry. All levels welcome. Even if you think you can’t sing, you can!
Suitable for all ages

1:30pm – Playback Theatre (Participatory Performance)
Performed and led by Luna Playback London

Community Day Favourites Luna Playback Theatre are back. Join this brilliant group for a session of playback theatre where your stories are brought imaginatively to the stage and shared with all.
Suitable for all ages

2:00pm – Mwalimu Express! (Event)

Join brilliant Rich Mix regulars Mwalimu Express for a celebration of Afro-Latin culture, music, dance, games, film and much more. Featuring one of our favourite Latin bands in London, the exceptional WARA!
Suitable for all ages

2:00pm – Cut-Out Art (Workshop)
Led by Silvina de Vita

Silvina de Vita, Argentine winner of this years CASArt Commission Prize, takes you on a storytelling adventure with paper. Create amazing stories with just a pair of scissors!
Suitable for ages 5+

2:00pm – Let’s Write a Poem (Workshop)
Led by Mabel Encinas, Isabel Ros-Lopez y Barbara Lopez

Join three of London’s finest Latin American poets and be inspired to write your own poem. All ages welcome but young poets are especially encouraged to join in!
Suitable for all ages

2:30pm – Mi.Me / Inside Out, Outside in. (Performance)
Performed by Jorge Costa

Come and watch Jorge Costa’s brilliant improvised mime show for FREE and then have your own go at telling your own incredible mime story!
Suitable for all ages

3:00pm – Family Playback
Led by Giovanna Quintero & Teléfono de la Esperanza

A playback theatre workshop for children and their parents. Come and discover how theatre and telling stories can make the everyday amazing!
Suitable for all ages

3:30pm – Tango with Raquel Greenberg (Demonstration & Workshop)
Led by Raquel Greenberg

Lukas Award Winning Tango Teacher Raquel Greenberg will run a introductory session to dancing Tango. Watch a demonstration by some of her best students and then start your journey on the path to falling in love with Tango.
Suitable for all ages 14+

4:00pm – Feedback Cafe
Led by Valentina Borja Herrera

Come and tell us what you’ve loved about CASA 2014, what you think we should do differently and better, and most importantly, tell us where you want CASA to go! Our CASA is your CASA so come and help us shape the future of the festival! Oh and there’s free coffee for everyone who comes!
Suitable for all ages

4:30pm – Mwalimu Express! (Screening)

Rich Mix regulars and favourites Mwalimu Express present a screening of a documentary or film on Latin America’s African Heritage. Further details tbc.
All ages welcome

5:00pm – Open CASA Community Show – Cien Años antes y despues de Eva (Performance)
Performed by the Open CASA Community Theatre Group

Our very own Open CASA Community Theatre Group, under the guidance of professional director Natali Bass, presents a brand new play, inspired by the writings of Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014). Join us for a beautiful and poetic journey into Gabo’s magical universe and the closing event of the festival. Last year was a total sell out so make sure you book ahead and come early! And if you can’t get tickets on the Sunday, there’s also a show on Saturday 18th at 3.45pm. All tickets are free.

Show times:

Sunday 19th October 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: English
Duration: 6 hours