Questions of Representation


©Alex Brenner

CASA presents a series of three hour encounters entitled “Questions of Representation”, especially curated to foster dialogue, create links between disciplines and discover together more about the broader socio-economic trends underlying the practice of making theatre in Latin America.

Each encounter is an investigation into some of the themes explored in this year’s programme and takes its point of departure from one or more of this year’s shows. Free-form and multidisciplinary, we will bring together performers, speakers, writers, artists, academics and philosophers to explore each theme in detail, with the aim of beginning to unpack the complexities of each one and questioning art’s importance in the wider social and creative order.

All three encounters are open to all. The more we are, the merrier. This year’s themes are:

15th Oct: Indigenous Narratives in Latin American Theatre and Culture
16th Oct: The Portrayal of Women in Latin American Theatre and Culture
17th Oct: Violence and the city in Latin American Theatre and Culture

Free entrance. Limited Capacity.

Show times:

  • Wednesday 15th October 2:00 pm (Indigenous narratives)
  • Thursday 16th October 2:00 pm (Women in theatre)
  • Friday 17th October 2:00 pm (Violence & the City)

More information:

Venue: Rich Mix
Language: English
Duration: 180 min