Grupo Sobrevento (Brazil): A Cortina da Babá

A dream-like world waits patiently while Babá sews. As she dozes in the lamplight, the animals behind the curtain slowly awaken and begin their magical journey towards the town of Millamarchmantopolis.

Based on the short story Nurse Lugton’s Curtain that Virginia Woolf wrote for her niece, this beautiful shadow puppetry performed by four actors/puppeteers with an original soundtrack.

“ A masterclass of puppetry, light and film. Excellent.” São Paulo Guide (Brasil)

About Grupo Sobrevento

Founded in 1986, multi-award-winning Sao Paulo-based Sobrevento is internationally recognised as one of Brazil’s most important puppetry companies. The company has performed across Latin America as well as in Ireland, Angola, Iran, Sweden and Estonia and run numerous events promoting puppetry and object manipulation across Brazil.

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Show times:

Sat 5th October 2 pm and 7 pm
Sun 6th October 11 am

Pre-Show Talk:
Sat 5th October 4 pm
'Theatre for Change'

More information:

Venue: Richmix
Language: No problem
Duration: 50 minutes