Susana Lastreto/GRRR (Argentina/France): Noche de verano lejos de los Andes o dialogos con mi dentista

Noche de Verano Lejos de los Andes

Venue: Rich Mix
Performed in Spanish with English surtitles
Duration: 80 minutes

Celebrated award-winning actress, clown and would-be diva, Susana Lastreto narrates the moving and often hilarious tale of how she left Argentina for Paris; the world she discovered, the world she left behind and the gap in between.

Cracking jokes as she waits for her dentist to operate, accompanied by an accordionist who would be a cat, Susana tells her moving story full of music, warmth and laughs. A must see for anyone who’s searching for home away from home.

“Susana Lastreto’s fine new play is as warm as tropical rain, as deft as a Maradona pass and as rhythmic as a Piazzola tango.” Le Billet d’Humeur

About Susana Lastreto & GRRR

GRRR (Groupe Rires, Rage, Résistance) was founded in Paris in 1998 by Susana Lastreto to bring French and Latin American Artists together to make new work. Over the past 15 years, the company has combined Susana’s texts alongside new writing, humour, cabaret and music to create ten accessible and original theatre works that have toured extensively throughout France, Europe and Latin America.

Pre-Show talk: 18:15: “From invisible to visible– a journey through changes in London’s Latin American community” – Wed 2nd October at 6.15pm

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