Teatro La Concepción (Chile): Poder de Papel

01. Poder de Papel - Francisca Ovalle Ortega, Juan Pablo Aguilera Justiniano - © Rafael Arenas Encinas

© Rafael Arenas Encinas

Venue: Rich Mix
Performed in Spanish with English surtitles
Duration: 65 minutes

In the streets of a Chilean town, siblings El Watusi and La Tota collect cardboard and paper in the streets while dreaming of becoming millionaires. When they manage to rent a shopping trolley, a little more money starts rolling in and they decide that only one of them needs to work while the other can be “King” for a week.

And so, for the first week, El Watusi reigns from the shopping cart while his sister works. When it is La Tota’s turn to be Queen, Watusi the King refuses to step down. He invents decrees, constitutions, laws and the requisite paperwork to continue being the King, the President, the Dictator forever.

Combining slapstick comedy, live music and a street theatre buzz, Teatro la Concepcion explore absolute power’s ability to corrupt absolutely in this raucous, darkly comic show.

About Teatro de la Concepción

Teatro La Concepción was founded in 2008 in Santiago, Chile. Dedicated to reaching as broad an audience as possible, the company uses humour to communicate important socio-political messages and has already performed in more than twenty festivals in Chile, Peru and Venezuela.

Pre-Show talk: ‘What’s a universal story?’ – Thursday 3rd October at 6.15pm.

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