Tavarka Teatro (UK/Colombia/Spain/Mexico): Las Cunetas Florecen en Primavera

01. Tavarka Theatre - © Alex Brenner, please credit

© Alex Brenner

Venue: Rich Mix
Duration: 60 minutes

Joint winners of the Nuestra CASA 2012 Scratch Night, Tavarka Teatro pay homage to the “disappeared” in a strongly visual new work that combines text, mime, and movement to powerful effect.

Three disappeared characters meet in limbo. In remembering and recounting moments of their lives, a universal story of human dignity, courage and love emerges. In this story of trenches, mass graves, sprouts of life and re-birth where soil is ever present, it is life, not death, that is celebrated

About Tavarka Teatro

Exciting emerging theatre company Tavarka Teatro was founded in 2012 by graduates of The International School of Corporeal Mime. This is their first work as a company and we are delighted to be supporting them.

Pre-Show talk: ‘What if I’m not a British artist, where do I get that funding?’ – Tuesday 1st October at 6.15pm

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