Teatro Malayerba (Ecuador): Instrucciones para Abrazar el Aire

03. Instrucciones para Abrazar el Aire - ©Teatro Malayerba

©Teatro Malayerba

Venue: Rich Mix
Performed in Spanish with English surtitles
Duration: 75 minutes

Every day, two grandparents remind each other of the absence of the granddaughter they never met.

Based on true events that occurred in a house located in the city of La Plata in 1976, the play ingeniously threads together the stories of two murdered cooks, a young kidnapped girl and the neighbours who see and hear everything.

A lyrical master-class in tragicomic writing, this new play set in Argentina during the dictatorship is political theatre at its most tender and heartbreaking.

“A creation of remarkable beauty, devastatingly written.” El telón de los secretos (Spain)

About Teatro Malayerba

Founded in Quito in 1979 by three immigrant artists, Arístides Vargas, Susana Pautasso and María del Rosario ‘Charo’ Francés, Malayerba are one of the continent’s most revered theatre companies, acclaimed for their poetic and politicial explorations of the rich cultural diversity and complex history of Ecuador and the South-American continent, as well as issues of migration, exile, political violence and collective memory.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.

Pre-Show talk: ‘Theatre of exile: Should I stay or should I go now?’ – Sunday 29 September at 6.15pm

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